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My favourite hot sauces


Here is my current collection of hot sauces: from left to right

Tabasco – good old reliable Tabasco. I tend to use this as an ingredient in food or sauces rather then as a table sauce.

El Yucateco Chile Red Habanero – a proper hot sauce, no messing. I usually top my tacos and so on with a few drops of this stuff. The green habanero version of this sauce is even hotter if that’s your thing.

Cholula Original Hot Sauce – my absolute favourite hot sauce, it makes anything taste good. The sauce is not too hot so I tend to add quite a lot to my dishes, it’s slightly zesty and hasn’t got that earthy burn that some chile sauce have. As well as using it for any Mexican food it’s also good with chicken, pork, steak, eggs, anything really.

Tapatio Hot Sauce – my newest acquisition. Probably the most common hot sauce to be found in taquerias across the west coast, and justifiably so. It’s not too hot and can be added liberally if so desired, I love it with chili.

Wahaca Fiery Habanero – the UK restaurant chain has introduced three sauces which are now available from supermarkets. This one is my favourite. It’s quite mild which means that you can use it quite liberally making your dish quite juicy. It has a sweet/fruity taste and I would definitely recommend it.

Wahaca Searingly Hot Chile de Arbol – this is a hotter sauce and is not fruity. It’s good if you want a sauce purely to add spice or chile to the dish.


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