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Why is ‘Emergency bread’ the chosen bread of the UK?

I am a big fan of Gail’s Bread or any artisan bread. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of going for breakfast at the Gail’s branch in Wardour St, London with Mr.W. The breakfast was scrummy, and after we finished we took the opportunity to purchase some bread for the rest of the weekend.  I got the usual sourdough (which is great but pales in comparison to Acme San Francisco Sourdough or any sourdough made in San Francisco to be fair but they are out of this word) and a sun dried tomato loaf which at £4.50 is rather pricey.  However the tomato loaf from Gail’s is so moreish the only reason it made it home in one piece is because we were full having visited various coffee shops, pubs and food places through the late morning and afternoon. The last time this loaf was purchased it got consumed before the train home!

It is therefore  such a shame that I do not have a Gail’s bakery or a artisan bakery anywhere near where I live. Sure there are local bakeries but all they sell are boring tasteless bloomers or rolls that go hard in 5 hours, the only thing worse than their bread is the preservative-full, floppy, sliced bread – or ’emergency bread’ as I like to call it. This is because I always have some of this bread in the freezer and keep it for emergencies when all other bread sources have been exhausted. The only time the ‘Emergency Bread’ is consumed is when there is no bread in the house. Emergency Bread is the last resort.

So I would like to know why good bread seems to be very hard to find in the UK. Yes, you get it in artisan bakeries but these tend to be in London and other major UK cities or small posh villages, unlike many countries in Europe where local bakeries all over the country produce good and varied loaves. So if they can do it why can’t the local UK baker produce Sourdough bread, Spelt and Sunflower loaves, Rosemary focaccias and walnut and raisin bread?

Why is ‘Emergency bread’ the chosen bread of the UK?

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