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The Big Sur and Beyond 2009 / 2011

During our first trip to the west coast in the Sping of 2009 we almost didn’t visit the Big Sur or drive down highway 1. It was only when someone at work mentioned The Big Sur and how wonderful it is that led me to doing a bit of research on the area. As soon as I saw some photographs my mind was made up, we should include it in our itinerary. A place that looks so stunning in photographs is likely to be 100 times better in real life. It didn’t disappoint. It was beautiful. I love the sea anyway but seeing the Pacific crash against the rocks is magnificent.

Like Yosemite this place can get busy but you can always find quiet areas where you can spend some solitary moments contemplating the beauty of this environment. In this part of the world the Pacific really looks wild and dangerous, and that’s what makes The Big Sur so special.

The Big Sur

McWay Falls, The Big Sur, California 2009

In 2011 we visited Pacific North West, part of our route included driving along the Northern California, Oregon and Washington state coast. The further north you go the scenery gets even wilder and more desolate. This area is far less touristy but still just as beautiful as its southern and more popular cousin. Some of the coastline like Ruby Beach in Washington near Olympic National Park looks almost pre-historic with grey driftwood and grey sand on the beaches and large rocky bays with steep cliffs.

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington 2011


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